jueves, 7 de abril de 2011

Study Spanish in Obera, Misiones

Come home and learn Spanish
while you visit Misiones!!!

These black and white photographs are from Iguazu Water Falls (four hours from Obera)

 You can learn to dance tango, salsa or samba in Obera

This is Obera an evening after the rain

Learn Spanish while you visit Misiones, take a bus to Foz do Iguazu, Posadas, Encarnacion (Paraguay), Mocona Water Falls and enjoy the tropical climate of Misiones.
I used to live in Eastbourn, Sussex, UK, where I went to learn English. Now, I´d love to help people learning Spanish in my own town.

Book a place writing or calling:
My address: Sargento Cabral 1246,
Obera, Misones (3360) Argentina
normaguasta@hotmail.com  tel. 00543755401207

My home in Obera                                                                   San Antonio (Catholic Church)

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